Framus - Custom Shop

The story of Framus began on 1st January 1946 when the "Fränkische Musikinstrumentenerzeugung Fred Wilfer KG" was founded in Erlangen/Bavaria. Framus grew quickly and became one of the most important manufacturers of electric guitars and was active in the market until the end of the 1970s. The founder’s son, Hans-Peter Wilfer, spent his childhood in the company and, at the age of 24 years, created the Warwick company in 1982. Some years later, Hans-Peter Wilfer revived Framus as a guitar brand. The company’s success is based on a more than 50 years lasting tradition of instrument making in the Wilfer family – continued by Hans-Peter and his son Nicolas. The credo at Framus & Warwick is to satisfy the growing needs of modern musicians with the diligence, endurance, and perfection of all employees. Promoting consistent innovation and further development in instrument-making, the company’s brands and products cover a broad range of customer needs: • Framus Custom Shop • Framus Signature • Framus Legacy Series Acoustic Guitars • Framus Masterbuilt • Framus Parts • Framus D-Series • Framus Artist Line • Framus Teambuilt Pro Series • Framus Teambuilt Artist Series

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